FREEDOM QS SWEATSHIRTS is designed so unique silhouette.

It is good for layered styles.

We recommend that you put it on foodie or turtle neck etc…

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The fabric is Wool Heringbone Jacquard.

Bulky Uruguay wool and shiny rayon is knitted as sharp heringbone pattern.

And leather lining around pockets and cuffs is accent for design.

CO83-26091-4 CO83-26091-5

As the item name indicates, you can coordinate with a free idea.





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CO83-33095-4のコピー2 CO83-33095-5のコピー2

VELOUR PO PARKA is so useful for everyday outfit.

Our hoodie has very beautiful silhouette.

Wearing single is of course good but for layered style.


Shoulder design like dolman sleeves creates a relaxed silhouette.

By arranging ribs aside, the range of motion was expanded.

CO83-33095-3のコピー2 CO83-33095-2のコピー2

FABRIC is [Heavy Weight Velour].

Velour material woven into heavy weight.

Because of the thick fabric, it has a voluminous silhouette.


Surface is so beautiful and amazing touch.

Not only Design but comfort is also so good.



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Autumn landscape in Tokyo

IMG_2509 IMG_2511 IMG_2512 IMG_2514 IMG_2513

Tokyo is the biggest city in Japan.

But we can see beautiful nature landscape somewhere.


The autumn leaves are in bloom now in Tokyo.

People are enjoying this season.


Maybe a glittering illumination will color the city a little more.

Tokyo is a big city, but you can feel the change of the season well.




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SEASHELLY SHIRCKET is multifaceted clothing in this collection.

Sometimes it is becoming a shirts, sometimes becoming a light outer.CO83-36091-3のコピー2 CO83-36091-2のコピー2

Fabric is “Ultra shell fleece”

“Ultra shell” uses polyester filament yarn developed by Toray.

It is a washable jersey material with windproof, stretchy.CO83-36091-5のコピー2

Combining Multifunctional materials and sophisticated design,

CURLY&Co. could create the new value one.



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